Next Level Leadership

Do you want to take your team, group, congregation to the “Next Level?”

Many, many good people WANT to help their church move from where they are to where God wants them to be.  They’ve tried many things, but they are frustrated.  So what’s a leader to do?

Commit to Next Level Leadership.  This learning experience will help a person, a team, even an entire congregation move from where they are to where God wants them to be in effectiveness for Christ.

Next Level Leadership focuses on the skills of leading through 3 modules (2 days each).  Ideally, a group of people from a team, group, organization or church attend together, learning the skills to identify (1) current reality, (2) God’s desired future and (3) how to lead to that future, turning frustration into fulfillment!

Next Level Leadership is based on Biblical principles and research. It is designed for transformation rather than information.

For more information, download the brochure from this website.

Next Level Leadership Topics

  • Vision: discover God’s preferred future.
  • Strategy: develop and implement plans to move from where you are to God’s preferred future.
  • Culture: how to understand why a group does what it does and how to change it.
  • Mission: develop plans to reach people without Christ by both inviting and going.
  • Teamwork: understand and practice effective, healthy teamwork.
  • Influencing Change: a comprehensive model to effectively create and sustain change, both personal and organizational.
  • Volunteers: how to recruit, develop, work with and sustain volunteers.
  • Communication and Conflict: how to effectively communicate especially in tough conversations.
  • Authority: anchoring leadership in an accurate understanding of God and the Bible.
  • Leadership tools and resources.

Please note:

1. It is highly recommended that multiple people, preferably pastor and leaders, attend together from a local congregation to learn, plan, set goals, and strategize together.
2. Completion of Leadership Essentials is a pre-requisite unless a participant receives special permission from iSL director.





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"We sent 9 members of our Leadership Team to the ISL Leadership Essentials track. This made a huge impact on the team members and how we functioned as a team. Every church should invest in training their leadership. I highly recommend ISL." - Amy Worline, PA